Nursing Research

The Oregon Center for Nursing provides comprehensive nursing research in the form of independent research reports and data-driven insights on the nursing workforce across Oregon each year. Our past research initiatives have included:

  • The Shifting Nursing Workforce: Understand the current nursing landscape, workforce trends, and demographics of Oregon nurses
  • Nursing Retention in Oregon: Explore the factors that influence nurse recruitment and retention across the state 
  • The State of  Nursing Education: Discover how nursing education programs, clinical placement, and faculty retention shape Oregon’s healthcare

Access our complete research library below.
Individual reports can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking the associated “Download” link. For questions or inquiries regarding research from the Oregon Center for Nursing, please reach out to Dr. Rick Allgeyer, OCN Research Director, or contact us.

How Much Do Oregon’s Registered Nurses Earn? 2023 Oregon Wage StudyApril 3, 2024
Comparison of the Perception of Clinical Instruction: In-Facility, Face-to-Face Simulation, and Virtual Simulation Experiences in Oregon’s Nursing ProgramsAugust 11, 2023
The Future of Oregon’s Nursing Workforce: Analysis and RecommendationsNovember 1, 2022
BRIEF: The Connection Between Local Nurse Recruitment Efforts and Social Determinants of HealthJuly 8, 2022
Filling the Gap: An Examination of Oregon Registered Nurses Licensed Through EndorsementApril 20, 2022
Issues Facing the Post-Pandemic Nursing Workforce in Oregon – Lasting Pandemic ImpactsMarch 10, 2022
A New View on Nurse Turnover: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Shocked the SystemOctober 7, 2021
Issues Facing the Post-Pandemic Nursing Workforce in Oregon – Stress and Emotional HealthApril 20, 2021
Not Working Well: Clinical Placement for Nursing Students in an Era of PandemicSeptember 18, 2020
Issues Facing the Post-Pandemic Nursing Workforce in OregonSeptember 3, 2020
Nursing Maldistribution: The Intersection Between Practice Setting and Years of Nursing ExperienceJune 22, 2020
Primary Care Workforce Crisis Looming in OregonMarch 11, 2020
Trends in Oregon Nursing Education, 2012-2018November 11, 2019
Shortage or Maldistribution: Shifting the Conversation About Oregon’s Nursing WorkforceJune 21, 2019
Nursing Apprenticeships: Examples for Oregon DiscussionMarch 18, 2019
The Demand for Nursing Professionals in OregonNovember 1, 2018
Nursing Education in Oregon: 2016-2017June 18, 2018
Oregon Nurses Licensed By EndorsementApril 20, 2018
Aging Trends in Oregon’s Nursing WorkforceFebruary 5, 2018
Characteristics of the Nursing Workforce in OregonSeptember 7, 2017
Oregon’s Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) WorkforceSeptember 4, 2016
Where Are They Now? A Retrospective Analysis of Churn Among RNs in OregonNovember 1, 2015
Where Are They Now? A Retrospective Analysis of the Current Employment Status of RN Newly Licensed to Practice in OregonNovember 1, 2015
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